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Ruth Van de Velde


  • Reiki Energy Healings

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Crystal Healings

  • Elixirs and jewellery

  • Past life Healings

  • Merkabah Light Healings

  • House Clearings

  • Pet Reiki

  • Tarot

  • Animal Oracle Card Readings


  • Reiki Master

  • Seichim Master

  • Karuna Master

  • Merkabah Light Healing

  • Aromatherapy

About Ruth

Ruth is a psychic medium and Reiki master who uses intuitive healing to clear energy blockages to heal emotional wounds and past life traumas. Ruth specializes in chakra balancing to align the body, mind and spirit for healing, growth and self-empowerment. 


Ruth also offers traditional tarot readings and animal oracle card readings. Ruth can delve deeply into the issues at hand to illuminate a way forward.

Ruth has a great love for and affinity with animals and has found that pets respond positively to Reiki treatments and is available for home visits.


Contact me today, I would love to assist in your healing and growth towards health and happiness.


fb: Reiki Healing with Ruth

Phone: 40939681

Mobile: 0422631337

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