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Jess Yates-Taylor


  • Triple Goddess Orgones



  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Rainbow Kids Yoga

  • Reiki Master

  • Seichim Masters 

  • Divination Course

  • Awakening Course

  • Level 1 Ayurvedic Massage 

About Jess

Triple Goddess Orgones makes a variety beautiful orgone pieces from Pyramids, Tower Busters, Dragon Heads, Pendulums and others. 

Orgonites are a careful mix of crystals and metals in Resin to help draw in negative energies, neutralise and disperse these energies into positive. 

Orgone is another word for chi, life force energy, and that’s exactly what these products do, enhance the flow of energy and assist with your healing journey.

They are great tools to use for energy Protection, strengthening your Aura to prevent any unwanted interference from electrical devices (EMF) or from other people, which can leave you feeling drained. 

All Orgone products are made by Jess who is attuned to multiple levels of energy healing, which she uses to program and cleanse the crystals and set intentions for each unique piece. 


Some of these beautiful pieces can be found in Kindred Spirit Wellness Centre for you to get your hands on, or online via links below.


Visit website for more information on how these Orgone’s can assist your life. 

Facebook: Triple Goddess Orgones

Instagram: Triple.goddess.orgones 


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