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Amber Robertson


Psychic Healings 

Past life Healings 

Psychic Readings 

Makeup Application 

Bio Resonance Therapy 

Spiritual mentoring 


Professional Makeup-artist 

Reiki Master 

Seichem Master 

Lords of Karma Practitioner 

Karuna 1&2 

Ayurvedic Massage level 1&2

About Amber

Amber is an experienced psychic healer & reader, makeup artist, does Bio resonance therapy & makes Orgone bracelets.

Amber works with spirit to work through her clients energy, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self to help guide them through any pain/issues/trauma/energy blocks, helping them break free from any self limiting beliefs & anything standing in her clients way from creating their best & happiest life. Teaching her clients to be their own healer, artist and creator of their reality.


Contact me today to book your appointment and start your journey towards greater wellness and spiritual growth.

For bookings contact Amber

Phone: 0424 286 402 


Facebook: Amber Robertson Psychic Healing

Instagram: ambershay__ 

Orgone bracelets: 

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